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    The story is a fairly well known one now – especially to those who are familiar with Keith Hicks – but it’s a story that bears retelling, if for any reason to get a feel for the man’s personality. It begins with his grandmother many decades ago; unbeknownst to her, it was she who decided the name of the restaurant that would eventually bring her grandson to a place of culinary prominence in Dallas. To her, it was merely a nickname for the child she held so dearly, but it clearly made its mark on Hicks.

    “When I was a kid out in Huntington, West Virginia, my grandmother gave me the nickname Buttons, since I was just as cute as a button,” he says, before breaking into grin, “But now I just tell everyone I’m fine as hell.”
    Keith Hicks does not suffer from a debilitating lack of self-confidence. And for his customers, that’s a very good thing.

    After establishing the ‘Mothership’ Buttons in Fort Worth three years ago, Hicks has taken his restaurant to Addison and even DeSoto, bringing with it a sort of southern-influenced fare and live music that seem to draw influences all the way from Motown to Mobile. They call it ‘food and music for the soul.’

    “I wanted to bring people back to the old-school soul food, but I wanted to make it a little bit fusion, too. Call it country, call it soul, or whatever you want. It’s a fusion of cool music, cool food, cool people, and just trying to bring that all together. It’s a place where everyone can hang out, whether it’s as a family or they’re here with a few friends,” Hicks says. “I like to call it cool comfort.”