Buttons is built around the idea the love of great food and music are universal, the idea that diversity is beautiful and that all people have much in common. We strive to offer much more than a plate of great food…we create a great experience.

Buttons has been creating this Vibe since our opening in Fort Worth in 2008. The vision caught on so well in Fort Worth, and so many of our guests were coming all the way from Dallas and Addison, we decided to bring the Vibe to Addison and opened our second location, Buttons Addison there in September of 2009. The response in Addison was overwhelmingly positive and we are grateful that our new location was so readily embraced. We also believed that many of our guests would like a more intimate, supper club feel so we decided to launch the Buttons Jazz Cafe in Desoto in April of 2011. The Jazz Cafe focuses on Chef Hicks’ signature cuisine combined with a more intimate style of musical offerings. We have had requests to expand to numerous other cities and it is our ambition to expand nationally. We have received many awards for our upscale Southern cuisine and for our Live Music, but in many ways we measure our success by our guests. We love being a diverse venue, where people of different backgrounds and races mingle, eat, laugh and dance together. It is our mission to bring that experience around the country, to be a place where our guests have joyful experiences and where people from different backgrounds get to know one another.

Chef Keith Hicks is known for his signature upscale Southern menu featuring classics like Chicken and Waffles and Shrimp Fish and Gritz, and Old School Pot Roast. Chef Hicks has made comfort food into an art form and above all we are a restaurant with outstanding food. To help create the ambience we crave, we feature live music in all Buttons locations. Jazz, R&B, Blues and Motown era music are the staples, and most evenings many of our guests are dancing by the end of the night.
We have a unique mission for a restaurant, and our staff are the ones who make it a reality. They are passionate about what we stand for as a company and are partners in the movement. They have become the Buttons family.

We operate on a few simple principals:

  • Create a great experience by serving award winning food accompanied by soulful live music.
  • Treat each and every guest like we were inviting them into our homes.
  • Show respect for each and every guest and each and every staff member.
  • Those are the guiding lights for Buttons, and while they are few we believe if we follow them we can achieve great things together.